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Education in America

Posted by GURLSociety on October 4, 2012 at 3:20 PM


by Kechell Jackson, age 23 from United States

Something that we have in the United States that others long for is education. In under developed countries, kids hope and dream to go to school, especially girls, but most are not given the chance to step into a classroom. In the United States, everyone has the opportunity to go to school and become educated. However, our education is the first thing that is cut. And transportation is now an issue we have to deal with because of budget cuts in education. We suffer from overcrowded rooms, fewer classes and high teacher to student ratio. Not just one education system is effected; all systems, from elementary to college, face these hardships.

The situation tends to get worse with time, but it does not have to be that way. When the creation of the budget takes place, education should be one of the main priorities. Hiring more teachers will allow for more classes of smaller size. If students have access to their teachers when they need it, they are likely to get the help they need and will tend to do better in school. Additionally, if programs like art and music are preserved, students will have extracurriculars to put on their applications for college. Students can participate in areas of their interest and become involved with their school if after school activities are not cut. Attendance too will improve if budget cuts do not occur in education. Students will arrive to school on time and will have a way to get there, instead of depending on a city bus and having to leave their houses early, before the sun rises.

Accessible education is something that is so close yet still so far out of reach.

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