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You have got to LOVE yourself!!

Posted by GURLSociety on March 21, 2016 at 10:25 AM

It can be hard to show yourself some love while helping others. It can be hard to show yourself love when you’re stressed out. It can be hard to show yourself love when you’re feeling down. But you have to remember one very important thing: YOU MATTER.

Practicing self care is something some of us have a hard time doing. Below are some ways to practice self care and love yo’self!!

It’s the little things that matter.


Taking a hot shower or a warm bath with some nice scents, light some candles…relax.

This is a good way of showing yourself how much you love you. Sometimes while being busy and rushing through things, we tend to forget that it is okay to slow down. By doing this you’re going to sleep well so if you’re nerves are fried and you’re completely stressed, you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Chamomile tea is good to help you sleep as well!!


Do some yoga

I know. Everyone is saying that yoga is so relaxing but, you don’t have the time. Do some simple stretches especially before bed. After that warm bath or shower you take, do some stretching and you’ll feel nice and sleepy.


When stressed out, listen to some relaxing music

Beach sounds, forest sounds, classical music… anything without lyrics. I know, I know you want to sing but listening to some calming music will calm your nerves and if you just lay back and close your eyes for a few minutes (try not to fall asleep!) you’ll feel relaxed and hopefully your stress doesn’t come back for a while…


Treat yourself!!

Take yourself out on a date. Do something you like to do. Take yourself out for some ice cream, eat at a fancy restaurant. Do something where you’ll feel happy.


“I-I-I-I- work out!”

Get into the groove and exercise. Don’t do it before bed though. Exercising has it’s benefits. Not only will you be fit, but you will be in a better mood.


Eat healthy

Eating healthy is a great way to take care of yourself. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies since we don’t usually have enough of it in our diets.


Breathe deeply  

Do some deep breathing. Breathe in pizza, blow out candles. Breathe in for five seconds breathe out for five seconds.


What ever you choose to do, know that you matter too!

Written by:

Mienisha Alexander | Long Beach Chapter 

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